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IX. PostgreSQL Session Save Handler


This module is EXPERIMENTAL. That means that the behaviour of these functions, these function names, in concreto ANYTHING documented here can change in a future release of this package WITHOUT NOTICE. Be warned, and use this module at your own risk.


About PostgreSQL Session Save Handler

This module provide additional session save handler for session module using PostgreSQL as a storage. user session save handler may be used, but this module is written in C. Therefore, this module is roughly 2 times faster than save handler written in PHP script.

Fail-over and load balance is planned to be implemented, but they are not available now.


short installation note:


PostgreSQL session save handler is still under development. Refer to README file in source distribution for configuration details.

Contact Information

I have at the moment not very much time to further develop this extension. I will implement more and more features in the near future.

If you have comments, bug fixes, enhancements or want to help developing this, you can drop me a mail at Any help is very welcome.

Table of Contents
session_pgsql_status -- Get current save handler status