PEAR Manual

VI. Paradox File Access


About Paradox file access

This module allows to read Paradox database and primary index files. It has initial support for creating Paradox databases. Consider it to be experimental due to lack of documentation of the Paradox file format.

Note: This module has not been tested on other platforms than Debian/GNU Linux for PPC.

Note: This module is also in development and may change, though I don't expect major changes to the API.


The following two tables lists all constants defined by the paradox extension.


A short installation note:


There is currently no need to configure the extension.

Object oriented API

The paradox extension provides also an object oriented API. It consists of only one class called paradox_doc. Its methods only differ from the functions in its name and of course the missing first parameter. The following table will list all methods and its equivalent functions.

Table of Contents
px_new -- Create a new paradox object
px_open_fp -- Open paradox database
px_create_fp -- Create a new paradox database
px_close -- Closes a paradox database
px_delete -- Deletes resource of paradox database
px_get_record -- Returns record of paradox database
px_put_record -- Stores record into paradox database
px_numrecords -- Returns number of records in a database
px_numfields -- Returns number of fields in a database
px_get_schema -- Returns the database schema
px_get_field -- Returns the specification of a single field
px_set_targetencoding -- Sets the encoding for character fields (deprecated)
px_set_parameter -- Sets a parameter
px_get_parameter -- Gets a parameter
px_set_value -- Sets a value
px_get_value -- Gets a value
px_set_tablename -- Sets the name of a table (deprecated)
px_get_info -- Return lots of information about a paradox file