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PEAR Manual

Chapter 6. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents
What is PEAR?
How to become a PEAR contributor and/or how to get CVS access to PEAR?
I have written a PHP module in C. What are the rules of including this in PEAR?
Why is PEAR seperated into pear/ and php-src/pear/?
Why does the directory structure of pear/ and php-src/pear/ differ?
Why a flat directory structure instead of a deep?
Can I commit experimental/unstable stuff?
Am I expected to add examples and/or test files to my package and where to store them?
Are different packages or classes with similar features allowed?
I have a question about PEAR. Where should I ask?
A required package includes a package, my package needs it too. Should I include it again?
Does PEAR work on windows?
What licenses are allowed in PEAR/PECL?
Why does the PEAR coding standard insist on space-only indentation?
Is there a tool to help PEAR manual translators to track files changes?

WishlistsUpHow to become a PEAR contributor and/or how to get CVS access to PEAR?




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