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PEAR Manual

Chapter 20. PPM classes

The PPM classes provides an API for the administration and management of PEAR Packages.


Table of Contents
PEAR_Autoloader::addAggregateObject() -- Add an aggregate object to object.
PEAR_Autoloader::addAutoload() -- Add one or more autoload entries
PEAR_Autoloader::removeAggregateObject() -- Remove an aggregate object
PEAR_Autoloader::removeAutoload() -- Remove an autoload entry
PEAR_Autoloader::__call() -- Overloaded object call handler

This class is for objects where you want to separate the code for some methods into separate classes. This is useful if you have a class with not-frequently-used methods that contain lots of code that you would like to avoid always parsing.

Class Trees for PEAR_Autoloader

  • PEAR

    • PEAR_Autoloader




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