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PEAR Manual
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PEAR_Error::addUserInfo() -- add user information
PEAR_Error::getCallback() -- get callback function name
PEAR_Error::getCode() -- get error code
PEAR_Error::getMessage() -- get error message
PEAR_Error::getMode() -- get error mode
PEAR_Error::getDebugInfo() -- get debug information
PEAR_Error::getType() -- get error type
PEAR_Error::getUserInfo() -- get additional user-supplied information
PEAR_Error::PEAR_Error() -- constructor
PEAR_Error::toString() -- make string representation

PEAR_Error is an object created by every function in PEAR in case of a failure. It provides information on why a function fails.

How you get the object depends on PEAR::SetErrorHandling()

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