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PEAR Manual

List of authors

Table of Contents
About this Manual
The structure of the Manual
Authors and Contributors
I. About PEAR
1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Support
4. Coding Standards
5. Contributing
6. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
II. New Maintainers' Guide
7. Introduction
8. When to contribute (and when not to contribute)
9. Getting started with the community
10. The formal proposal process
III. Developer Guide
11. Introduction
12. PEAR's meaning for developers
13. Contributing your own code
14. The package definition file package.xml
15. Releasing A Package
16. Supporting PEAR development
17. Recommendations
18. Writing documentation
IV. Core components
19. PEAR base classes
Introduction --  How to handle the PEAR base class (destructors, error handling)
Constants -- Predefined Constants
PEAR::PEAR() -- constructor (package developer related)
PEAR::_PEAR() -- Deconstructor (package developer related)
PEAR::getStaticProperty() -- handle static properties (package developer related)
PEAR::registerShutdownFunc() -- set a shutdown function for static classes (package developer related)
PEAR::isError() -- checks for a PEAR_Error object
PEAR::raiseError() -- Create a new PEAR_Error object and optionally specify error-handling instructions
PEAR::setErrorHandling() -- sets handling of errors generated through PEAR packages
PEAR::expectError() --  add an error code for non-disabling temporary error handling
PEAR::popExpect() --  removes the last error code for non-disabling temporary error handling
PEAR::loadExtension() -- OS independant PHP extension load
20. PPM classes
PEAR_Autoloader::addAggregateObject() -- Add an aggregate object to object.
PEAR_Autoloader::addAutoload() -- Add one or more autoload entries
PEAR_Autoloader::removeAggregateObject() -- Remove an aggregate object
PEAR_Autoloader::removeAutoload() -- Remove an autoload entry
PEAR_Autoloader::__call() -- Overloaded object call handler
V. Packages
21. Authentication
22. Benchmarking
23. Caching
24. Configuration
25. Console
26. Database
27. Date and Time
28. Encryption
29. File Formats
30. File System
31. HTML
32. HTTP
33. Images
34. Internationalization
35. Logging
36. Mail
37. Math
38. Networking
39. Numbers
40. Payment
41. PEAR
42. PHP
43. Science
44. Streams
45. System
46. Text
47. Tools and Utilities
48. XML
49. Web Services
VI. PECL Packages
I. Advanced PHP debugger
II. PHP bytecode Compiler
III. Imagick
V. Radius
VI. Paradox File Access
VII. PostScript document creation
VIII. Satellite CORBA client extension
IX. PostgreSQL Session Save Handler
X. Soap
XI. SPPLUS Payment System
XII. Net_Gopher
XIII. oggvorbis
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